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Check Out Our New Logo!

I’m so glad to tell you that things are moving along with BanjoRadio! This has been quite a project, and there’s still lots to be done, but I’m enjoying all the preparation and I hope you’ll like what we’ve put together.

A few days ago, we did a “soft launch” or our new logo by putting it on the website, I’m so pumped about it! Designed by Knoxville native Jeremy Parker, it tells its own story–the story of Bluegrass Music and BanjoRadio.

First of all, notice the dominant color is a shade of teal which, as you know, is a mixture of blue and green. Our intention there is to remind you of bluegrass (the plant), for which Kentucky, Bill Monroe’s home state, was named, and from which he drew his band name and, ultimately, the name of the music he created. If you’re familiar with it, you’ll know that it’s not quite blue in the strictest sense, but it’s not starkly green like most grasses are–hence the name, “bluegrass.” The more green tones on the left symbolize the life and vibrancy of the music, and as the logo leans more toward blue to the right, there’s a message in that, too. In fact, you’ll notice the banjo’s body and neck are done in deep blue. Historically, blue has represented fidelity, which is where the phrase “true blue” comes from. BanjoRadio endeavors to always be faithfully supportive of the music and true to its heritage, which not only includes the traditions of the music, but those who innovate as well.

The banjo, which is in the very center of the logo, represents the most important symbol of our music. When we were thinking about what to call this new venture, it occurred to me that nothing says “Bluegrass” more than the five-string banjo, and so it’s natural that it occupy the most prominent spot in our mark. Depicted in the center of the banjo is a waveform, which represents the music originating from within the Bluegrass instruments. In turn, the neck in this logo mimics a radio tower (with sound waves emanating from the top), representing our efforts to take it to the people.

You’ll notice the logo is presented in an arc, which represents three things: The worldwide reach of Bluegrass, the worldwide reach of BanjoRadio as we take it to the Internet, and the traditional radio roots of broadcasting. Think of the arc like the arched dial of many old-time radio sets, on which people first heard the artistry of Bluegrass.

Mainly, however, we want the BanjoRadio logo to represent what we hope will be a great experience for everyone. Thanks for keeping up with us, and we look forward to connecting again soon!